Quinta De Azevedo Review

Last weekend we tried a Portuguese Vinho Verde for the first time.  We got ours from Majestic and it was the 2016 Quinta de Azevedo coming in at 11.5%.


The label is quite traditional and the aromas we got were citrus and an almost indefinable strawiness, a bit like a chardonnay.  Trying it on its own, it had hints of sharp pineapple and other tropical fruit; it wasn’t bad but not great either.  We then had it alongside a curry and the flavour was improved, with the wine cutting through the spiciness quite well.


Overall the wine was fine but not great.  I wouldn’t buy again but this is more due to better alternatives being available than anything else.






A couple of wine reviews

First up is the Red Monastrell Salinas from Spain, coming in at 14%; we got this from Majestic.  The label is quite modern and stylish and the wine has an aroma of blackberries and out.  Tasting without food, it was too sharp and dry; I wouldn’t recommend drinking it on its own.  We then had it with steak and it was much better and fruitier.  We also had it with lamb neck the following day and it was even better.  Overall it was a good wine but not amazing and I would say there is probably better out there.



Next is the Italian White,  2015 Greco di Tufo Triplica, coming in at 12.5% and again from Majestic.  It as a classic Italian Label and an aroma that is slightly herby and fruity.  Tasting without food it was tangy and fruity with a lovely finish.  We then had it with sage chicken legs and it was even better and smoother.  Overall it was a lovely wine and a great drinker, with or without food.




Wine Review – Vendanges Nocturnes

An absolute corker of a wine this week – Vendanges Nocturnes – a 2016 Viognier coming in at 13%.  We got this excellent wine from Majestic.

As per usual with French wine’s the label is very traditional.  The aromas we got from the wine were light traces of pear and honey – very pleasant.  Tasting without food, the taste was initially light, gorgeously fragrant in the middle and then a surprisingly warming aftertaste.  We then had the wine with chicken, which softened it but it was still very nice.

Overall I can highly recommend this wine.




Wine Review – Allesandro Gallici

Just a short review today of a very good wine – the 2015 Pinot Grigio by Allesandro Gallici, coming in at 12%.  The label is stylish with it’s roman numerals and the aroma is pleasant and fragrant.  Tasting without food it is smooth, with a short burst of intense flavour and then a clear and pleasant aftertaste.  We then had the wine alongside some cooked chicken and it was even better and fruitier.  Overall this is a winning wine and one of the best pinot grigio’s I have ever had.

AG Pinot



More Wine

Another triple header of wine today, with a red, a white and a rose.


First up is the Argentinian red 2014 Zuccardi Brazos Malbec from Valle de Vco, coming in at 14% and we got it from Majestic.  The label is funky and stylish, with the wine having an aroma of dark berries and vanilla.  Tasting without food it is a bit sharp but still pleasant and it has a warming aftertaste.  We had the Malbec with steak and it really brightened up and became much fruitier.  Overall we thought it was a great wine and we would happily buy it again.


zuccardi malbec

The white we also bought from Majestic and it is from the Paul Mas Estate Single Vineyard Colelction.  It is a 2015 Viognier and it comes in at 13.5%.  The label is nice and simple but it works and the aroma is elderflower and peach.  Tasting without food it had lovely subtle fruit flavours and was very easy to drink.  It was even more so when we had it alongside butternut squash risotto.  Overall it was a fantastic wine and we would definitely buy it again.


paul mas viognier


Again from Majestic is the rose 2015 Haut Vol that comes in at 12%.  As with some rose wines, it has a strange shaped bottle, though it has a simple label.  The aroma is light berries and the taste without food wasn’t great at first, but the finish was really fruity – it really grew on me.  We then had the wine alongside a Chinese pork stir-fry and it was significantly better and much fruitier.  Overall I’d probably buy again, but only for a hot summers day.


haut vol rose

3 More Wines

Continuing my series of wine reviews, here are another three today, two reds and a white.


Kicking us off  is the red , coming at 13.5%.  It has a traditional label as expected from a french wine and the aroma is very pleasant, with hints of vanilla and red berries.  Without food the wine was dry and slightly sharp but drinkable enough.  We then had the wine alongside some lamb and it improved the wine but not significantly.  We finished the bottle off the next night alongside some steak and it was significantly improved.  Overall though I found the wine slightly disappointing and I’ve had much better Cotes du Rhone for cheaper prices.



Next up is the Yalumba 2016 Viognier from South Australia, coming at at 13.5%.  The label is quite classy and well done, with the wine having an aroma of soft cheese (!) but only very lightly.  The taste without food was floral and sharp, but in a good way.  Tasting with food (a cauliflower curry), the wine cut through it perfectly and I would recommend it alongside Asian food.  Overall it was a great wine and I would buy again.



Finally we have the 2014 La Chapelle de Bordeaux, coming at 12.5%.  As per usual for a French wine, the label is of a chateau.  The aroma of the wine was of slightly sharp fruit, in particularly blackberries and spicy plums.  The taste without food was fruity but it wasn’t a drinker on its own and became blander the more you drank.  We then had the wine with steak and was even sharper and blander.  Overall it was a disappointing wine and one I will not be buying again.

La chapelle




The Red, the White and the Rose

A few wine reviews today from three bottles we tried earlier this month.

Kicking us off is the 2015 Recchia Red Bardolino from Waitrose that comes in at 12.5%.  The label is minimalist yet stylish and the aromas from the wine are light berries, particularly sharp blackberries.  Tasting without food it is a very nice and drinkable wine, almost refreshing and very summery.  We then had the wine with some Greek salad and Lamb and it was just as good.  Overall it is a lovely wine to drink on its own or with food and also very reasonably priced at £7.99.


Next up is Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference White Gavi from 2016 and at 12.5%.  It has a classy label and lovely aromas of elderflower and peach.  The taste without food was dry but also refereeing with low acidity and overall very easy to drink.  We then had the wine with roast chicken and the flavours really burst forth and improved the wine immeasurably.  Overall it is a good wine to have with the appropriate food and not badly priced at £8.


Last and unfortunately least is another Sainsbury’s wine, the Marques de Montino Rioja from 2015 at 13%.  It has a nice traditional label and a light aroma of strawberries.  The taste without food was slightly sharp but quite well rounded.  We then had the wine alongside the pasta and it softened the taste a bit but there was no measurable improvement.  Overall the wine is fine and reasonably priced at £5.50 but I did expect better and I won’t be buying again.


Spring Reds


My Wife and I took to drinking a lot of Red Wine in a rainy spring until the English Summer finally got round to appearing.  During that time we had three excellent and highly recommended red wines.


The first was the excellent 2015 Cabalie from France at 13%.  It has a stylish label and has a lovely aroma of fruits, particularly blackcurrants.  The taste both with and without food was fruity and peppery and just a very pleasant drink.  It is one of the few red wines I would buy simply to drink on its own.




Next up is The Holdings 2015 Syrah Malbec; a lovely 13% red from Argentina.  The label is a bit of an odd one but I think it works in its own way.  The aroma is of strong red fruits and the taste was dry, lightly fruity but also slightly sharp.  We had the wine with a steak and it went really well with it.  I would buy again to have alongside red meat.


The Holdings


Last but by no means least, the 2014 El Bombero; a 15% red from Spain.  The label screams Spanish at you and the aroma is juicy berries and vanilla.  Both with and without food it is smooth, rich and a little bit spicy.  It is though very easy to drink and I would buy again to drink for any meal appropriate to have red wine alongside.


El Bombero

Wine Review – Henri D’Autignac Grenache

Every now and again my wife and I decide to try some wines from Aldi or Lidl and unfortunately we usually end up being disappointed.  We tried against last month with the  2015; a rose at 12.5%.


The label is no frills and basic and the smell is lightly floral and red berries.  So far so good but it all falls apart with the taste.  I expect to be able to drink a rose on its own quite happily but unfortunately the acidity of the wine overpowered all other tastes.  On a second taste it was slightly better but no a drink I would choose optionally.


We then had the wine alongside some pesto chicken and Mediterranean roasted vegetables; unfortunately the wine now tastes like cheap perfume.  In conclusion I have to say this is a no recommendation!

Wine Review – Von Reben Riesling

I love a good Riesling, particularly with Asian Food, and the Von Reben Riesling fits the bill perfectly.  The label is as simple as you will ever see but I think it works; kind of no nonsense like the win.  The smell isn’t necessarily inviting, with it being quite sharp and only the aroma of apples really coming out.


von reben


On to the taste and without food, it was dry and sharp but in a good way.  Alongside the wine we had a Lamb Pasanda and the wine really came in to its own.  It complemented the curry beautifully and it cut through the spiciness for a nice refreshing finish.


I would definitely buy this again, especially to have alongside a curry.