A couple of wine reviews

First up is the Red Monastrell Salinas from Spain, coming in at 14%; we got this from Majestic.  The label is quite modern and stylish and the wine has an aroma of blackberries and out.  Tasting without food, it was too sharp and dry; I wouldn’t recommend drinking it on its own.  We then had it with steak and it was much better and fruitier.  We also had it with lamb neck the following day and it was even better.  Overall it was a good wine but not amazing and I would say there is probably better out there.



Next is the Italian White,  2015 Greco di Tufo Triplica, coming in at 12.5% and again from Majestic.  It as a classic Italian Label and an aroma that is slightly herby and fruity.  Tasting without food it was tangy and fruity with a lovely finish.  We then had it with sage chicken legs and it was even better and smoother.  Overall it was a lovely wine and a great drinker, with or without food.





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