More Wine

Another triple header of wine today, with a red, a white and a rose.


First up is the Argentinian red 2014 Zuccardi Brazos Malbec from Valle de Vco, coming in at 14% and we got it from Majestic.  The label is funky and stylish, with the wine having an aroma of dark berries and vanilla.  Tasting without food it is a bit sharp but still pleasant and it has a warming aftertaste.  We had the Malbec with steak and it really brightened up and became much fruitier.  Overall we thought it was a great wine and we would happily buy it again.


zuccardi malbec

The white we also bought from Majestic and it is from the Paul Mas Estate Single Vineyard Colelction.  It is a 2015 Viognier and it comes in at 13.5%.  The label is nice and simple but it works and the aroma is elderflower and peach.  Tasting without food it had lovely subtle fruit flavours and was very easy to drink.  It was even more so when we had it alongside butternut squash risotto.  Overall it was a fantastic wine and we would definitely buy it again.


paul mas viognier


Again from Majestic is the rose 2015 Haut Vol that comes in at 12%.  As with some rose wines, it has a strange shaped bottle, though it has a simple label.  The aroma is light berries and the taste without food wasn’t great at first, but the finish was really fruity – it really grew on me.  We then had the wine alongside a Chinese pork stir-fry and it was significantly better and much fruitier.  Overall I’d probably buy again, but only for a hot summers day.


haut vol rose


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