Double Beer

Today’s drinks reviews are for a couple of old favourite beers of mine: Doombar and Treason.


First up is Doombar from Sharp’s Brewery in Cornwall.  Being from the South-West and having visited Cornwall a lot, I came across Doombar a long time ago.  Now you can find it pretty much anywhere in the country and for a good reason – it is a really good beer.  The label is pretty classic and the look of the beer when poured is dark amber.  The aromas are lightly fragrant with hints of citrus and then the taste is lightly bitter, refreshing and again the hints of citrus.  Overall it is a really solid beer that fills a number of roles: a drink at home, a pint at the pub or I think it also goes really well with a BBQ.



Next is Treason; a West Coast IPA coming in at 6% from the Uprising Craft Brewing Range from the Windsor and Eton Brewery.  I first tried a few beers from this brewery about six years ago and they weren’t anything special at the time, but now they have really upped their game.  Treason has a very striking label and a nice clear look to the beer when poured.  The aroma is very citrusy and pleasantly hoppy, with that repeated in the tasting.  Overall it is a very flavourful beer and worth trying.  I would say though that you would only drink one in a sitting, another would make too citrusy.



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