3 More Wines

Continuing my series of wine reviews, here are another three today, two reds and a white.


Kicking us off  is the red , coming at 13.5%.  It has a traditional label as expected from a french wine and the aroma is very pleasant, with hints of vanilla and red berries.  Without food the wine was dry and slightly sharp but drinkable enough.  We then had the wine alongside some lamb and it improved the wine but not significantly.  We finished the bottle off the next night alongside some steak and it was significantly improved.  Overall though I found the wine slightly disappointing and I’ve had much better Cotes du Rhone for cheaper prices.



Next up is the Yalumba 2016 Viognier from South Australia, coming at at 13.5%.  The label is quite classy and well done, with the wine having an aroma of soft cheese (!) but only very lightly.  The taste without food was floral and sharp, but in a good way.  Tasting with food (a cauliflower curry), the wine cut through it perfectly and I would recommend it alongside Asian food.  Overall it was a great wine and I would buy again.



Finally we have the 2014 La Chapelle de Bordeaux, coming at 12.5%.  As per usual for a French wine, the label is of a chateau.  The aroma of the wine was of slightly sharp fruit, in particularly blackberries and spicy plums.  The taste without food was fruity but it wasn’t a drinker on its own and became blander the more you drank.  We then had the wine with steak and was even sharper and blander.  Overall it was a disappointing wine and one I will not be buying again.

La chapelle





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