The Red, the White and the Rose

A few wine reviews today from three bottles we tried earlier this month.

Kicking us off is the 2015 Recchia Red Bardolino from Waitrose that comes in at 12.5%.  The label is minimalist yet stylish and the aromas from the wine are light berries, particularly sharp blackberries.  Tasting without food it is a very nice and drinkable wine, almost refreshing and very summery.  We then had the wine with some Greek salad and Lamb and it was just as good.  Overall it is a lovely wine to drink on its own or with food and also very reasonably priced at £7.99.


Next up is Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference White Gavi from 2016 and at 12.5%.  It has a classy label and lovely aromas of elderflower and peach.  The taste without food was dry but also refereeing with low acidity and overall very easy to drink.  We then had the wine with roast chicken and the flavours really burst forth and improved the wine immeasurably.  Overall it is a good wine to have with the appropriate food and not badly priced at £8.


Last and unfortunately least is another Sainsbury’s wine, the Marques de Montino Rioja from 2015 at 13%.  It has a nice traditional label and a light aroma of strawberries.  The taste without food was slightly sharp but quite well rounded.  We then had the wine alongside the pasta and it softened the taste a bit but there was no measurable improvement.  Overall the wine is fine and reasonably priced at £5.50 but I did expect better and I won’t be buying again.



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