Beer Review – Wild Beer Company – Millionaire

The Wild Beer Company from Somerset are an exiting young brewery with some excellent beers.  They are also not afraid to do things a little bit differently, as evidenced by their use of crowdfunding – as evidenced here.


I picked up one of their beers last month – Millionaire, a slated caramel, chocolate and vanilla stout.  Now I like the odd stout but they can be too heavy; also the edition of the interesting flavours both intrigued and slightly scared me!




First of all the bottle – all of their bottles have the wild/angry deer on them and are nicely colour coded for each beer.  It is quite a simple look but I think very stylish.  When I poured the beer it unsurprisingly looked like a stout but the smell was more caramel than chocolate, though that was still in evidence.  As for the taste…it was fantastic!  It was initially quite fizzy but then was very rich and smooth; I could definitely taste the slated caramel.


Overall the Millionaire by the Wild Beer Company is one of the best stouts I’ve ever had I will definitely buy again, as well as trying out the rest of their range.


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