Champagne Review – Harrods

We were kind enough to be given a bottle of Harrods Champagne as a wedding gift last year and we decided to open it on our first wedding anniversary a couple of months ago.


With regards to the specifics it is a Brut Blanc De Blancs rand Cru Grands Reserve at 12%.  The label clearly spells it out as Harrods Champagne; depending on your point of view this either spells class or a certain amount of trepidation with a branded champagne.


The smell is surprisingly minty and also a hint of nettles; not something I’d associate normally with a champagne.  The taste was initially quite sharp with a strong taste of apples.  It softened significantly on the second try and was then a very easy drink.


Overall I was pleasantly surprised with it and it is a perfectly good champagne.  Worth buying as a gift for somebody on a special occasion, particularly if they aren’t necessarily au fait with their sparkling wine and champagne.


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