Wine Review – Three Choirs Vineyard – Sonnet

I’ve never really tried English wine before; if nothing else because it often seems to be quite expensive.  Recently though I thought I’d give it a go and started with Sonnet (11%) from Three Choirs Vineyard; I was pleasantly surprised.

The smell was very pleasant, although initially sharp, it brightened up with hints of grapes (unsurprisingly!) and gooseberries.  The gooseberries were a running theme and tasting it without food, that was the main taste I took away, but in a good way! We had the wine with some pan-fried white fish and the Sonnet went perfectly with it.

My overall impression of it was very positive and I don’t think I’ve ever tasted anything quite like it.  I would consider buying it again, particularly if I’m having fish.

I got my bottle from Waitrose Wine Cellar here –


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