Wine Review – Mayne De Beauregard Blanc

Running low on white wines, we recently bought a load of them from M&S to try a few different bottles.  One of the first we opened was the Mayne de Beauregard Blanc, a white Bergerac.  Not having had  a Bergerac that I could remember, I didn’t really know what to expect.

The label is that of a traditional French chateau so it doesn’t really stick out in a crowd but it is what you expect a French wine too look like.  The smell was slightly sharp and fruity, with a distinct hint of apples.

Trying the wine without food it was tangy, dry and peachy.  It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t great either; I don’t recommend drinking it on its own.  Tasting it with food (white fish), the flavours for both of us were still too peachy and sharp.  It might be good with something else, maybe something with a creamy sauce, but it wasn’t impressive on both counts.

On this showing I wouldn’t buy again but I might have just been drinking it with the wrong food.


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