Wine Review – Grande Reserve De Gassac 2015

I’ve taken quite a shine to a Rose recently so we’ve purchased quite a few.  Recently we had the Grande Reserve De Gassac 2015, from Daumas Gassac in the Languedoc in France.  Apparently it is the regions only Premier Cru Vineyard.

The label is quite nice and what you’d expect from a French Wine with a traditional chateau on the front.  The smell of the wine has a light fruitiness to it, as well as quite a stand-out smell of strawberries.

Tasting it without food it was a very light drink and had a particularly good aftertaste; it was also a good palate cleanser.  For me, it ticked the boxes for a Rose, being in an easy and light drinking without having to pair it with food.

As I’m a philistine, the food I had with the wine was cheese and biscuits!  Saying that the taste of the wine was improved by the food and it made it an even easier drink.

I would buy one of the these again, particularly for a nice summer’s afternoon before an evening BBQ.


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