Wine Review – Danaris 2014

An absolute peach of wine today, the Danaris 2014, a Gruner Veltliner from Austria.  German (and Austrian) wines have long had a pretty rubbish reputation but I think the tide is turning and there is now a growing popularity for them, in particular for Reisling’s.  There are some other pretty good types though, including a Gruner Veltliner.

The Danaris comes with a nicely stylish label as the picture shows.  The smell of the wine is very light and sweet, not at all overpowering.  Tasting it without food was rather pleasant – with a tangy taste, as well as a distinctive flavour of granny smith apples.  It was definitely a palate cleanser.

We then paired the wine with a homemade chicken korma and the wine was even better.  It cut through the spiciness of the curry, as you’d expect from a Germany wine, and the curry actually made the wine sweeter, but in a very pleasant way.

I would definitely buy a Danaris again to pair alongside a spicy dish.

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