Wine Review – Chateau du Prieur 2014

The first wine to have the ‘honour’ of being reviewed on here is Chateau du Prieur, a fairly average Bordeaux.  It might just be me but I’ve never really got on with any Bordeaux that I’ve drunk so I wasn’t too surprised to not be that impressed with this one.

On to the particulars:

  • Label – minimlaist, not particularly striking or interesting
  • Smell – quite sharp and no distinguishing flavours
  • Taste without food – dry and rounded. An ok drink but nothing special.
  • Taste with food (tomato and chicken pasta) – the wine did complement the food and the food improved the wine.  It made it significantly more rounded but I still had a general feeling of blandness about it.
  • Would I buy it again? – No, not enough to impress me

I got my bottle from Laithwaites and they no longer sell the 2014 vintage; they are now on to the 2015 vintage, priced at £9.99 a bottle.  I would say there are better wines out there for your money.


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