Beer Review – Why Kick A Moo Cow

My favourite type of beer is a pale ale and I’ve drunk a lot of them – Why Kick A Moo Cow by Arbor ales is right up there with some of the best of them.

Firstly from a style point of view, the label is very appealing with the silver fern of New Zealand on it, marking the beer as a New Zealand Pale Ale.  You shouldn’t really pick a beer by a label but sometimes when you are faced with so much choice you have to!

The look of the beer when poured is your fairly typical pale ale look and the smell is very citrusy.  The taste is also citrusy and very refreshing.  Initially the taste for me made it possibly my favourite pale ale, but if you keep drinking it too quickly then it was a bit too citrusy for me.

I would buy the beer again and I would definitely have it on a hot summers day but if too much citrus doesn’t work for you, don’t go for this beer.


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