Beer Review – The Smoke

I’ve been travelling down to Padstow for about 20 years as my grandfather lives in one of the nearby villages.  I’ve seen it go from a relatively sleepy fishing town to a thriving culinary hotspot.  Not everyone agrees with the change but I personally think it is great.

Last summer I had the joy of discovering for the first time, the Padstow Brewing Company.  I’d picked up a bottle or two in Wadebridge (a few miles away) and was so impressed I thought I’d pick up a few more.  I visited the brewery on the outskirts of Padstow and came away with a selection of most of their types of beers.

A few of them are already my favourite but I picked up The Smoke (4.9%) for the first time in the winter and I was very impressed.  It is described as a Smoked Oatmeal Stout and I couldn’t really disagree with that description!

The smell is smoky and liquorice – a combination I don’t think I’ve ever encountered before.  The smell isn’t overpowering though and nowhere near as strong as the dark colour would suggest.

The taste is fantastic and very moreish.  What surprised me was how refreshing it was; for a such a dark beer it was a pleasant surprise.  In terms of the flavours I picked up a little bit of chocolate and liquorice, but overall just a very pleasant taste.

Unfortunately they don’t seem to sell it anymore! But if they do start to make it again, I can heartily recommend buying it.


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