Top 5 Games I’m Currently Playing

I’m a fairly slow-paced gamer and that’s why I’ve got a PC and not a current generation console.  I also work from home a lot so any game I can play and stop at a moment’s notice, such as a turn-based strategy, really works well for me.  Since the turn of the year I’ve put a lot of hours in to the following:


Total War: Warhammer

As you may already know, I’m a fairly big fan of this game and Warhammer in general.  Despite having played a lot of it, and being fairly frustrated with it at times, I still love it.  I think the numerous factions and races you can play as have really extended the re-playability of it.  The numerous mods out there also add to the longevity of the game.  Most recently I’ve been struggling with the new DLC Bretonnians but I’m just about getting the hang of their woeful infantry and amazing cavalry.  I expect I’ll be playing this a fair bit more this year.


Football Manager 2017

Ok so this is a fairly boring one but when you have on in the background when you are working, it fits the bill perfectly.  I’m currently playing a very long game as my local team thanks to a mod that has added to the English Football pyramid down to the regional leagues.  Still as satisfying as ever to win with and as frustrating as hell when you lose.


Offworld Trading Company

I got this on sale recently and it is a surprisingly addictive game.  The mechanics are actual quite simple to grasp but hard to master.  The game works particularly well for me as each scenario only takes about 30/45 minutes, meaning it is a good break in the day or a good gaming fix on a weekend.


Battle Brothers

This one is still in early access but it is one of my favourites at the moment.  You are in control of a group of mercenaries in a low fantasy that is also very brutal.  You can’t casually play this game as if one of your characters dies, then he is gone forever! The challenge of the game is what makes it great and I’m looking forward to it coming out for full release.


Stardew Valley

I wondered what all the hype was about last year but I got this in a steam sale over the festive period and now I know why this has had so many positive reviews.  It works perfectly for me as I might just play a day or two’s worth of game time every morning.  The satisfaction in seeing your goals achieved over a long stretch of time is fantastic.  It is also nice to have a very peaceful game that you can just dip in and out of as you please.


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