Top Steam Greenlight Games this Week


1. Anthology by Lewis Denby

Anthology is a collection of short adventure games by Lewis Denby, the co-creator of Owl Cave’s critically acclaimed Richard & Alice and the producer of Sepulchre (The Charnel House Trilogy). Set in a faraway city on a single afternoon, a series of point-and-click vignettes unravels the story of this strangely familiar world, its sprawling capital, and the lives of those who dwell within it.

Greenlight Link


2. World of Castles by Hammer Games

World of Castles is an online action-strategy game set in the medieval times, which features unique combination of constructing your own castle from a large number of blocks, besieging castles of other players, commanding your marshals who collectively lead armies of up to thousand men, and participate in battles as one of the marshals in 1st person view.

Greenlight Link


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