Top Steam Early Access Games this Week

No.1 – Collision Course by Crynosaurs

A comet is hurtling toward earth! Sneak, scavenge and blast your way through an immersive prehistoric world filled with Humans, Dinosaurs, Droids and Mother Nature’s fury!

After traveling back in time 70 million years and crash landing you’ll need to try to return to your own time before disaster strikes. Fortunately, a lot of spaceship debris is littered about with weapons, gear and items to assist you along the way to ease the difficulties of the journey. As you progress you’ll begin to unravel the circumstances that brought you there. However, you are up against your shipmates who will also be struggling to survive and make it home before the impending apocalypse arrives.

And of course, various dinosaur species will be roaming the landscape looking for their last meal, will it be you?

Early Access Link

Game Website

No.2 – Lucid Trips by VR Nerds

Doing a nosedive and being whipped from the harsh wind streaming over your body while you dash down a colourful canyon can be quite mindblowing.

Lucid Trips is a VR experience which takes places in planetary dream worlds. You explore an artistically designed surrounding with a completely new concept, defining and navigating your avatar in a distinctive way, using hand motion controllers. You float and fly as a bodyless consciousness with two ghost-like arms.
As Lucid Trips requires rather advanced handling of controls in VR we recommend a playtime of 15 minutes for beginners.

Early Access Link

Game Website

No.3 – Assault on the Necrospire by Bad Duck Games

Assault on the Necrospire is a roguelike with an emphasis on interesting loot and character building. The Necromancer has destroyed the wizard order, leaving only you alive. You must venture through the ever changing Necrospire to bring him to justice.

Early Access Link

Game Website

No.4 – The Last Sunshine by Four Eyes Production

Play as Sol in an impossible journey against the blackness that devours and corrupts the children of the heavens. The stars are falling and a consuming darkness encroaches. Customize your skills, passives, and attempt to defeat droves of enemies that come from the void. Will Sol be able to illuminate his path to victory?

Early Access Link

Game Website

No.5 – Flower Design by PanGuoJun

Flower arrangement has a long history in many cultures. When I decided to simulate things using program codes, I found that flowers are the best topic. The combinations of colors and shapes are so peaceful, free, and beautiful. And unlike traditional games, I want to show you rich feeling with simple operations.

Early Access Link


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