Top Greenlight Games this Week

No 1 – Cucumber Blues by BitSoft

He lost the most preciuos thing he`ve ever had – his family.
And now his only purpose is revenge.
He`ll slide through Corn Mafia`s foes, squads of corrupted authorities and the entire cartel of fertilizers just to neatly put a bullet in the killer`s head.

Greenlight Link

No 2 – Crisis in the Kremlin by Kremlingames

Crisis in the Kremlin is the game about Perestroyka’s time, in which you will be the General Secretary of the Soviet Union in this hard period and will lead it to the Bright Future as you want!
Do you suppose demoracy and free market is the rescue? Do you want democratic socaislism? Christian conservatism? Utopian communism? Or do you prefer cruel dictatorship and deification?

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Game Website

No 3 – Warenel by Quinton Studios

Warenel is a retro styled side-scrolling game with heavy RPG mechanics, expect sword fights, magic casting, massive fearsome creatures and destructive magic all wrapped up into a plot that has you travelling across the lands. We plan for this to be a relaxed (yet challenging!) game with great dialogue and choices that can make a difference to the route you take.

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Game Website


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