Thoughts on Armageddon

This week’s thoughts are on Armageddon by Aaron Demski-Bowden; two stories specifically following Black Templars Chaplain Grimaldus and his efforts during the third war for Armageddon.  Aaron is one of my favourite authors and this book does not dissapoint.

Setting the Scene

As the short blurb from the Black Library website says: A pair of tales from Armageddon. Black Templars Chaplain Grimaldus defends Helsreach Hive and tries to prevent the extinction of the Celestial Lions Chapter

The book includes two stories:

Helsreach – An awesome siege battle with a handful of Black Templars fighting alongside the Imperial Guard to save Helsreach Hive.

Blood & Fire – A change of pace following Grimaldus as he tries to find a way to save the Celestial Lions Chapter from the machinations of the Inquisition.

My Thoughts

It is a cracking read from start to finish.  As usual with the author, there is just the right amount of balance between carnage, intrigue and relationships.  This makes it an engaging and easy read, as well as highly enjoyable.

Avoiding spoilers, my top 5 highlights were:

  1. Grimaldius’ doubts about his ability
  2. The Salamanders intervention
  3. The final charge of the Celestial Lions
  4. The reawakening of an awesome Adeptus Mechanicus weapon
  5. Grimalduis’ relationship with the Adeptus Titanicus

Also a special mention to the fight at Helsreach’s docks with the volunteer dockworkers fighting alongside Black Templars.

Read this if you like…

  • Armageddon (…)
  • Black Templars
  • Orks
  • Sieges
  • Titans

Where to Get

From the Black Library website as either an ebook or a premium paperback

Further Reading / Listening (All Third War for Armageddon)

The Eternal Crusader by Guy Haley – The battle in the skies above with the Black Templars High Marshal Helbrecht

Blood in the Machine (Audio Book) by Andy Smillie – Flesh Tearers vs Inquisition vs Orks in a story full of carnage and intrigue

Dante’s Canyon by Josh Reynolds – Static and cornered White Scars in a battle for survival – cracking read.

Angron’s Monolith by Steve Lyons – A rather darker tale following the occasionally line-crossing Relictors chapter searching for a rather large axe…


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