Top Greenlight Games of the Week

Due to actually having some time on my hands for once, I thought I’d take a look at some of the best recent greenlight games.  Four have caught my eye, here they are:


1. Nebula: Sole Survivor

Nebula: Sole Survivor is an exploration-focused role-playing game. From the beginning you will find yourself stranded on a stark, deadly moon of Jupiter. The Europa Moon is under a terraforming process, set in motion with the intention of bringing human colonies in a not so distant future, but an unstoppable force has been awaken. Creatures are spreading from hidden subterranean caves to the surface, devastating anything and everything in their path. The crew that was with you since the project started has been killed or got stranded trying to survive. As far as you know you are the last living member of the crew, and now you will have to fight The Infection, solving puzzles, killing enemies, and finding your way through the base. Come learn the dark story behind this fast-paced space thriller.


Greenlight Link

Kickstarter Link


2. LuckCatchers

This is a social-economic sandbox RPG, based on fantasy/steam-punk novels by A.Pehov yet game actions take place 300 years before the novels. This is a huge, savage and realistic world without any rules. The World opened to any player without any limits from the very start. The World of steam, valor and magic, full of risky adventures and profitable calculations. The World of trade, economic wars and harsh decisions. The World of amazing, endless and free sky.


Greenlight Link


3. LOKA – League of Keepers Allyzium

Gone 10 thousand years between the development of the fire and the invention of the wheel. Only during last century separated from the first steam locomotives to Terabits processors. And every last few years happened again the next paradigm shift. Those who wanted to help mankind overcome illness and death have created artificial intelligence “Allizium”. But it turned out that the owner Allyzium can get full control of the world. Whoever wins this battle will receive the most perfect weapons and power in the world. Scientists were helpless on the battlefield but they are willing to help in the war against the enemy. Gather your league and prove that it is you deserve to be a winner.


Greenlight Link


4. Space Merchants: Days of Glory

If you love science-fiction as we at do, you know there is never enough games of this genre with solid and intriguing story. With Space Merchants: Days of Glory we try to help fill this gap. With your invaluable support we will be able to finish our project in time and quality it deserves!


Greenlight Link


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